How To Keep Your Bedroom Warm and Toasty All Winter Long

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It’s a crap-filled year, so we should at least have one warm, toasty, and safe escape from reality. For me, that’s my bed, which means a comfortable goose down comforter, a luxurious duvet cover, and a few other knickknacks to bring a sense of comfort to my bedroom.

Bringing It All Together

Having a cozy blanket and the perfect duvet will certainly keep you toasty, but how do you use them to make your room feel like a snug heaven?


“My favorite duvets and/or comforters have natural looking fabric textures such as linen or cotton and are neutral in color,” says Hannah, home organizer, coach, and founder of Spruced Milwaukee. “I like to mix cool and warm neutral tones (like grey, cream, taupe, etc) to bring the room together because almost anything can be added or removed without ruining the look.”

“When you’re shopping for a new blanket, make sure you keep your design and the aesthetic you want to create in mind. Get colors that complement your existing decor and that blend well with your theme,” Jen Stark, an interior designer and the home improvement expert behind Happy DIY Home. “If you had a beach theme with green-blue walls, a deep blue or beige comforter or duvet could help pull the room together. If you want an elegant and timeless look, black can achieve it.”

Don’t forget layering. Hannah explains, “I also prefer a lighter weight because I think they lay nicer, and can easily be layered with more or less blankets through the changing seasons.”


Warm and Cozy

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Duvet inserts and comforters come at a range of price points and varying filling options like goose down. Depending on your city’s climate and your sleeping tendencies, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right filling for your needs.


“My favorite duvet is the Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert,” Stark tells me. “It comes in several gorgeous shades with classic stitching that helps it effortlessly blend with many different decors and design aesthetics. It has nicely piped edges with an elegant box stitching, and the siliconized fiberfill alternative filling is both soft and luxurious. The corner tabs make it easy to slip a cover on to protect it, and you can toss it into the washing machine to clean it.”

I, on the other hand, prefer the feel and comfort factor of a true goose down duvet insert. The Royalay Luxirious Goose Down comforter’s exterior is 100% cotton exterior and feels butter soft. It can be used with a duvet cover, or on its own like a comforter due to its unique pleated design. I love the grey color for my bedroom, but it also is available in white. And I’m not the only person in love with it: with a 4.7 rating on Amazon, 87% of reviews gave it a perfect 5 stars.


Stark is also a fan of the LinenSpa comforter and its luxurious feel. “It has an all-season microfiber fabric that is breathable in the summer but warm in the cooler winter months. The reversible color design allows me to switch designs and decor in the bedroom without having to purchase a whole new comforter set, and you can put it in the washing machine to clean it,” she tells me.


Right on the Money

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on duvet covers and other bedding to get a god night’s sleep. Hannah talked to me about her favorites. “I buy all of my bedding from Target because I find it all to be a good balance of convenience, quality, affordability, and trendiness,” she told me. For affordable option, try Casaluna’s Heavyweight Linen Blend Duvet and Pillow set, which comes in eight colors that will surely blend into your room’s vibe.


My go-to duvet cover is also a budget-friendly option from Amazon. I’ve had this one since 2016, and it’s held up to washes and constant wear. It looks great, too, making it a well-rounded, excellent intro into the world of cozy bedding.