Here Is A $3,000 8K TV Discount, If You Have Too Much Money

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Samsung Q900 8K QLED 82" TV | $6,999 | Massdrop
Samsung Q900 8K QLED 82" TV | $6,999 | Massdrop
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Unless you’re obscenely wealthy, you should probably go peruse some other deals, but you don’t see legit $3,000 discounts every day, so I feel like we had to post about this 82" 8K (yes, 8K!) 2019 Samsung QLED TV.

8K content isn’t really a thing that exists in any meaningful way yet, but the upscaling engine here can make HD and 4K content look better than it might on a 4K TV. The Q900 also has all the Samsung bells and whistles that you’d expect, including the awesome ambient mode, which lets your TV blend into the wall when not in use. This model sells for $10,000 pretty much everywhere around the web, but Massdrop has it marked down to $6,999 today, if you’re so inclined.