Here Are the Best Spatulas, According to You

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We didn’t need to scrape the bottom of the bowl for this week’s top Co-Op contenders; our readers made it easy by starring four stand-out spatulas. Scroll down for the full scoop, then throw your own vote in the mix via the poll.

Betty Crocker Essentials Silicone Spatula

Simple, inexpensive, and as functional as any spatula can get, I prefer the red Betty Crocker silicone spatula. They’re soft enough to scrape off every bit of anything you’re mixing, but strong enough to carry a heavy load of cookie dough. You can buy 2 of them on Amazon for $6.74 with Prime shipping, but I’ve found the same ones at Dollar Tree stores for a buck.

To be honest, I also employ a bamboo spatula with an angled edge much like the one in your picture. They’re great for scraping while cooking. Whether making a roux or browning meats without burning them, it’s an ideal “cooking spatula”, but if I had to live with only one spatula it’s hands-down the Betty Crocker one every day. - Thogar


GIR: Get It Right Premium Ultimate Silicone Spatula

The GIR Ultimate Spatula is head and shoulders above any other spatula I have ever seen! - JMJDave


KitchenAid Gourmet Silicone Spoon Spatula

A spoonula is best, especially for actually transferring anything. - PunishTheGuilty


3-Piece Black Silicone Spatula Set By Di Oro

Full disclosure: I bought these because America’s Test Kitchen picked them as the best, and they really are.

One piece. No wood handle to get food stuck under. They are also rated to 600 degrees so you can leave them in the pan if you need to. The best part is they come in many different sizes and colors that don’t break the bank. - Rob