Having owned every iPhone and zero Androids, wireless charging only really became available to me when Mophie released the first and only good iPhone 7 Plus battery case- a great excuse to dig into the current state of wireless charging solutions.

It’s no surprise then that Mophie’s wireless charging accessories are the best-looking on the block, all based around the simple Charge Force Charging Base.

The Charge Base’s charging speed is pegged at 1.0A, while Anker’s creatively named Fast Wireless Charger works over USB-C and puts out 10W for half the price. And did we mention it was USB-C?

.gif via Gizmodo

I really like Mophie’s wireless charging stand, but the fact that it’s a discrete product and not an inexpensive stand your Charging Base attaches to is painful.

There are a lot of less functional wireless charging stands on Amazon for a lot cheaper. I have this 3-coil model from Aukey which outputs 1A but looks cool and works well.

The same criticism we lobbed at the stand applies to the vent mount. Going all in on this admittedly great ecosystem will break most banks.

Remember the time before $5 vent mounts, when iOttie and Ram battled for dash mount supremacy?

Well, if you want a dash mount that does wireless charging, say hello to iOttie again, with 2A output.