GREATS Launched Two New Shoes In Collaboration With Cynthia Rowley

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GREATS is bringing bold patterns and bright colors into their streamlined sneaker empire with this collaboration with designer Cynthia Rowley.

Rowley, known mostly for her bold use of pattern and floral, injected a little bit of that into the essence of GREATS sneakers. The collection (is it a collection if it’s only two shoes? Just a collaboration, then.) will feature the signature GREATS Royale style in a über-hip blush pink, with an embroidered flower on the toe bed, and a new pool slide-style sandal with a “Cynthia Rowley-designed vibrant marble-print upper strap.”

It’s a melding of the floral and feminine aesthetic of the Cynthia Rowley brand, with the minimalist and contemporary styles of the Brooklyn-based GREATS. The slides and sneakers retail for $105 and $225 respectively, a little bit pricier than your average GREATS shoe, and are both limited edition.


If I’m being honest, they’re really great to look at. I also love that it seems like two different people approved the collab, with the staunch minimalist on the GREATS team okaying the blush pink and embroidery, and the black sheep of the company saying, “Let’s make a pool slide, but in multi-colored marble” while stoned.

GREATS also recently debuted their Spring 2018 collection, so if you still want the bright boldness of a spring palette, but don’t need the celebrity, the pinks, purples, and yellows of this new collection are for you.