Grab These Awesome AI-Powered Washers And Dryers From Samsung While They're Up To 40% Off

The AI makes sure that the work each of these does is much more efficient.

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AI can help take the load out of laundry day.
AI can help take the load out of laundry day.
Image: Jason Coles

A good washer is the kind of thing that subtly makes life easier, and the same is true of a dryer. If you’re looking to really upgrade your laundry situation at home, then these two beasts are on sale. Both the washer and dryer have built-in AI to help make the controlling process a lot easier, both have incredible speeds, and the cleanliness of your clothes is guaranteed.

Bespoke 5.3 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer with AI OptiWash™ and Auto Dispense | $999 |$650 Off | Samsung

Bespoke 7.6 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity Electric / Gas Dryer with AI Optimal Dry and Super Speed Dry | $999 | $700 Off | Samsung  

We like the forest green versions, but you can always choose a different color if you prefer. They’re both on sale thanks to the Discover Samsung week, so make the most of the deals while they last.