Give Your Eyes a Break With This Sub-$20 HDTV Bias Light Kit

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We've all heard that watching TV in the dark can be pretty tough on the eyes, but an ambient bias lighting setup can make the experience much more palatable. This basic USB-powered kit from Antec is only $19 today, and takes just a few seconds to install.

Update 2: Up to $26 now, which can't really be classified as a deal anymore. Hope you got one!

Update: Amazon has raised the price to $22, but it's in stock without a backorder, and that's still lower than it has been lately.

All you have to do is plug the LED strip into the USB port on the back of your TV (or any other USB charger, as you just need it for power), stick it to the back of your set with the built-in adhesive, and then enjoy the glow. It has a small switch to turn the light on or off, but a lot of TVs will cut power to their USB port automatically when turned off, which saves you from having to flick it off manually.

We've posted this a couple times in the past, and it's always proved to be incredibly popular. In fact, it was on sale briefly for $16 earlier this year (or $11 with a very short-lived coupon), and has been either heavily backordered or relatively expensive ever since. Today though it's back in stock, and only $19. The price isn't quite as low as before, but it's certainly on the low end of its normal range, and just getting it without waiting a month for shipping is a victory unto itself. [Antec Bias Lighting Kit, $19]

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