Get That Chill Out of Your Car Before Your Drive With a One-Way Remote Start Kit for $230

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Compustar 1-Button Remote Starter | $230 | Best Buy
Compustar 1-Button Remote Starter | $230 | Best Buy
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Compustar 1-Button Remote Starter | $230 | Best Buy

If it’s cold outside you don’t have to sit in your car and wait for it to warm up. You can get a remote start system installed and enjoy a toasty vehicle from the start instead for just $230 today thanks to a Best Buy deal.

This Compustar 1-button remote starter is just as simple as it sounds: It has a single button function to allow you to start your car from up to 1,000 feet away, and it’s $70 off today!

There may be an additional cost if your car needs a T-harness to make this system compatible. I checked with my car specs, and it looks like an additional $32 if I were to get this deal, just as an example of what to expect. You will be prompted to enter your car’s make and model information before checking out to be sure that this remote start system is compatible with your vehicle and it will show you then if there is any added cost.

I have a remote start installed in my car and I love it. Granted, I’m in Minnesota so I get plenty of use out of it. But still, I think it’s a great investment— even if you’re going to use it to cool down your car in the summer! Grab it while the deal is still good, it might not be here tomorrow.