OXO Pineapple Slicer

Let us dash, arms flailing from the path of minimalism just for a moment, to say that two of the products from Gizmodo’s 2013 oddly-specific kitchen gadget roundup may be worth your drawer space.

It’s important to know your limits, and perhaps you, like me, know that you’re never going to sit down with a chef’s knife and systematically dissect a whole pineapple. OXO’s Pineapple Slicer, recently upgraded to stainless steel, has you covered, and does a bang-up job.

OXO Strawberry Huller

Consumption of strawberries is nowhere near such a hardship, but there’s a simple pleasure to be taken in a bowl of strawberries, sans stems, ready to be enjoyed in their entirety. Even more useful if you were planning to use them in some other dish.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled minimalist programming.