Get an Instant Air Purifier for up to 35% Off and Yes, It’s That Brand

Make dinner with Instant Pot and then clear the air with a small or large Instant Air Purifier.

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Instant Small Room Air Purifier (Pearl) | $84 | Amazon
Instant Large Room Air Purifier (Pearl) | $190 | Amazon

From the makers of your favorite pressure cooker, it’s ... fresh air! It really is, though. Because right now, you can grab an Instant Small Room Air Purifier or Instant Large Room Air Purifier on sale at Amazon. That’s right: Instant brand air purifiers exist, and two of them are on sale. The smaller model is ideal for smaller spaces (bedrooms, a home office, etc.), and you can grab it for 35% off. The big one is designed for shared environments (think living rooms and businesses), and it’s 21% off. The pearlescent finish adds a nice touch, I think. Oh, and they both offer just crazy healthy benefits. Each size works 24/7 to not just monitor, but improve the quality of your air. To be specific, the manufacturer says that Instant’s proprietary 3-in-1 layered technology removes “smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, odors and other ultrafine impurities” from the stuff you breathe. On top of that, it’s been proven to zap 99.9% of viruses (yes, including covid-19) from the air as well. Seems like an important function! Pick one up today, and remember, folks: Please don’t try to cook with this one.