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The SelectTV + KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription Bundle | $99 | StackSocial

I want to talk about a certain mild inconvenience that I hate more than most. It is when I am in the mood to watch a particular movie and then must scour through all my streaming services to see if it is available anywhere. Oh sure, I’ve got worse problems like dealing with unpaid hospital bills and the 2olbs I’ve gained in a year, but movie time is when I’m supposed to be ignoring my troubles and waste away in front of the tv. Not googling “The Mask 1995 streaming service.” It sure would be helpful to just have all of my subscriptions and content in one place. What’s that you say? That’s exactly what SelectTV does? And it comes with 150 live channels, the deals on video-on-demand movies and shows, plus I can get a lifetime subscription bundled with VPN Unlimited for just $99? Sign me up.