Friday's Best Deals: Home Networking Gold Box, OLED TVs, Amazon Dash Buttons, and More

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Upgrade your home’s networking setup, binge watch on an OLED TV, grab some Dash buttons essentially for free, and find the rest of Friday’s best deals.

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Whether you want to make a minor upgrade to your home networking setup, or you’re replacing an 802.11g router that you bought in 2004, Amazon’s Gold Box has a deal for you today. Over a dozen routers, ethernet switches, range extenders, and more are on sale, today only.

See a few recommendations in this post, or head over to Amazon to see the rest.

Bonus: This router also has a $5 coupon available, bringing it down to just $35.

If you want a tablet to basically use as a portable TV (that’s basically what my iPad is at this point), a big screen is important, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal right now than an Alexa-enabled Fire HD 10 for $150, plus a free Echo Dot.

It’s not as fast as an iPad, it doesn’t have as many apps as a standard Android tablet, but its 1920 x 1200 IPS display is ideal for binging Westworld while you cook dinner. $150 is its regular price, but the free Echo Dot is a really nice toss-in.

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors—and who doesn’t?—this 55" 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1350 today on MassDrop (about $150 less than Amazon), or an all-time low $2000 for 65" (almost $500 less!).

As you’d expect from any high-end TV these days, that gets you a 4K panel and Dolby Vision HDR, but OLED technology means the blacks will be far richer, and the colors more vibrant than any LCD-based screen you can buy. Whichever size you choose, it’ll still cost you, but your eyes will tell you it was worth it.

If you’ve been lustfully waiting for a good deal to upgrade to Samsung’s excellent Galaxy S9, this bundle from Amazon might be the push you need.

You’ll pay $820, $100 more than the price of the phone on its own, but you’ll get a fast-charging Qi pad, the latest Gear VR headset, and a set of truly wireless Gear IconX earbuds. Buying all of those accessories separately would cost you about $350, so you’re saving about $250 here.

Anker already made a pretty decent Echo Dot clone, but the Eufy Genie’s speaker was...well, it wasn’t that much louder or better than the Dot’s. The Zolo Halo though is a big step up, packing in a perfectly respectable 5W speaker, along with the handsfree Alexa skills you’ve come to rely on. You can even link up to six of them together for multi-room audio.

It’s priced at $60, which isn’t bad considering the Dot is $50, but you can get it for an absurdly low $29 with promo code MarKINJA.

This $18 Qi charging stand includes two charging coils. Why does that matter? It means it’ll work whether your phone is in portrait or landscape mode, so you can use it while you’re watching a video, or with an alarm clock app that works best in landscape. Just use promo code KINAPC682 at checkout to get the deal.

$40 mechanical keyboards aren’t unheard of these days. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that cheap from a name brand like Gigabyte, let alone with genuine Cherry MX Red key switches.

This ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard from Anker will work with pretty much any phone or desktop operating system, and as you’d expect from Anker, its built-in rechargeable battery runs for up to six months at a time.

The black model is also available for $1 more with code ANKER711.

There are probably thousands of Apple Watch charging stands out there, but basically every one I’ve seen shares the same problem: They slide all over your nightstand when you try to pull the watch off its magnetic charger, let alone if you bump it with your hand while you’re sleeping.

Aukey solved that problem in the most stupidly simple way: A suction cup. It’s a little thing, but you’ll appreciate it every night, and what’s $7 to someone who spent hundreds of dollars on an Apple Watch?

Note: This doesn’t include any actual charging hardware: Like most Apple Watch charging stands, it’s basically just housing for the included charger.

I’ve probably seen more USB battery packs than 99.9% of people living on this Earth, but I’ve never seen one like the ZeroLemon ToughJuice before. You get 30,000mAh of juice, five (!) USB ports, including a Quick Charge 2.0 port and a USB-C port, and a ruggedized exterior.

It’s niche, but at $40 (with code RV3FUUG9), it’s not all that expensive for a 30,000mAh power bank, let alone one with so many features.

Say your wireless router can’t push a strong signal to every corner of your house, or maybe you own some kind of old set top box that needs an ethernet connection, but doesn’t live near the router. A simple powerline adapter is one of your best options for extending a home network, and Amazon’s top seller is down to $40 today, a 20% discount.

Our readers voted Anker’s SoundBuds Slims as their favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, but we may need a recount, as Anker recently released the upgraded SoundBuds Slim+, on sale for just $22 today with promo code LGVDRPV3.

The biggest change from the original model is the inclusion of AptX encoding, which should improve sound quality with compatible devices. Anker also claims that waterproofing has been improved, though they’re both still rated as IPX5, so any change on that front is likely modest. One thing that hasn’t changed: the seven hour battery, which is excellent for earbuds of this size.

At $26 (with code ETDWL58B), this smart power strip costs about as much as a standard smart plug, but it includes four smart AC outlets that you can control individually with your smartphone or Alexa, plus four USB ports too (though you can only control them as a set). Why has nobody else thought to make this yet?

The free control app and Alexa will recognize the power strip as six different devices (four AC outlets, the USB ports, and the entire power strip), all of which you can name and control from anywhere.

DirecTV Now is one of the better over-the-top cable replacements out there, and with this deal, there’s very little reason not to give it a try.

For a limited time, if you prepay for three months of the service at $35 per month, you’ll get a 4K Apple TV included for free. That Apple TV costs $179 normally, so you’re basically getting a $74 discount on the box, plus three months of live TV. No brainer.

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.

Last month, they offered our readers $10 off two year memberships, but this time around, you get a few more choices, ranging from a quick taste of the service to an extended commitment with additional savings:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.


While it can’t display the full RGB spectrum like Hue’s flagship bulbs, this White Ambiance model only costs half as much today, and can display any temperature of white, from pure daylight to a dim, warm, Edison-style glow. Not only does that look cool, it can actually boost your productivity, and help you get to sleep at night. $25 is $5 less than usual, so if you already have a Hue Bridge, stock up.

Vacuuming is simultaneously the worst chore, and the chore most easily pawned off to a robot, so if you haven’t done yourself the favor of buying a robotic vacuum yet, today’s a great opportunity.

While it lacks the brand recognition of a Roomba, this ECOVACS N79S vacuum is the follow-up to the well-reviewed N79, its main addition being Alexa support. That means in addition to setting schedules and controlling the vacuum with your phone, you can now shout into the void that you’d like your floor vacuumed, and some combination of AI, voice recognition, and robotics will work in unison to make it happen. What a world.

Just be sure to use promo code 9PA6UY9F at checkout to save $70.

Sun Chips are the best chips. Everybody knows this. And now you can get 40 snack sized bags for just $12 when you use Subscribe & Save and clip the 10% coupon on Amazon.

Amazon’s Dash Buttons were released on April Fool’s Day eve of 2015, and most people reasonably assumed they were a prank. And yet here we are; it’s three years later, we’re all somehow 10 years older, and the Dash Button line hasn’t just survived, it’s expanded to hundreds of new brands.

To celebrate this most improbable of birthdays, Amazon’s offering Prime members a BOGO deal on select buttons, meaning you can get two of them for $5, but they’ll both still give you a $5 credit towards your first press. Assuming you use them both once, that’s like $5 in your pocket.

OxyLED is best known for its battery-powered light strips, but this discounted kit plugs into an AC outlet, and is designed specifically for under-cabinet installation.

The kit comes with three foot-long LED light bars, plus three connecting cables. You can either plug the bars into each other to create a longer strip, or use the cables to snake around corners and extend your setup. Once it’s all installed, just use the touch-sensitive power button to turn them on and adjust the brightness, and enjoy a well-lit countertop while you prepare dinner.

One of the easiest and cheapest home upgrades you can make is replacing that crappy shower head that came with your house or apartment. This Aoche handheld shower head is just $17 today and has 5 settings, including massage, rainfall, and high pressure. It will only take about 10 minutes to install, so what are you waiting for?

Garment bags are the perfect solution for keeping fancy clothing safe while traveling, but I highly recommend storing those suits and dresses in one of these even in a closet. For $9, you can grab a 2-piece garment bag set, plus a shoe bag, with the code SWOLYOQG.

If you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee, this $16 gadget lets you brew a cup anywhere you can find beans and hot water. Inside the space of a single cup, you get an adjustable burr grinder, a pour-over filter, and a travel cup. It won’t be the fanciest cup of coffee you’ve ever tried, but it might be the most space efficient.

It’s basically a cheaper version of the Cafflano, which we covered here.

Most of us know that dabbing a slice of pizza with a napkin can save you a lot of calories, but what if you could do the same thing for the rest of your food?

That’s the concept behind PlateLoss, a slatted plastic plate that sits above a regular plate, allowing sauces and oils to drain away from your food as you eat it. It’s more or less the idea of a Foreman grill, but for food that’s already been cooked and served.

Obviously, the big downside here is that you’re doubling your dirty dishes, but PlateLoss is dishwasher safe, and you’ll probably only use it for meals with a lot of excess grease or liquids. I don’t think it’ll transform your body on its own, but combined with diet and exercise, it certainly can’t hurt.

PlateLoss is currently on Kickstarter, with preorders priced at $14 for two plates, or $20 for four, with higher quantities also available.

We sort through the noise of Kickstarter to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Kickstarter we cover.

Boasting an impressive 4.3-star rating with over 1,000 reviews, Amazon’s best-selling electric tea kettle is discounted about $8 today, bringing the price to $42, which is the best price we’ve seen in 2018.

You can use this attractive glass kettle for more than just tea. Use it to quickly boil potatoes, or better yet, make a bunch of hard-boiled eggs for dyeing this Easter weekend. No standing over the stove required.

Even if you don’t do much DIY work around the house, a stud finder is worth keeping in every toolbox, and this one is just $16 today with promo code CVDHM8AR (the ensuing dad jokes, however, are free). It even has separate modes for finding studs, pipes, and live electrical wires.

Amazon’s newest sample box is for you to sample some of Gatorade’s non-sports drink products. As with all sample boxes, after you buy this, you get an equal credit back in your account to spend on select Gatorade products. Assuming you use the $7 credit, it’s like getting the samples for free.

Everyone should see the northern lights at some point in their life, and they’re closer than you might think with this vacation package from Gate 1 Travel.

Starting from just $699 per person (after $130 off promo code TZWCNL), you can get roundtrip flights to Reykjavik, a three night hotel stay, breakfasts, and a guided evening tour of the northern lights (subject to weather). Packages are priced from New York by default, but you can select almost any departure city, and that promo code will still apply.

Electric arc lighters are right now. But this model from Tacklife is about the size of a USB flash drive, making it one of the smallest on the market. I own it myself, and it works great. Just $10 today with promo code C2E85A9F.

This tiny tire inflator has been a hit with our readers, and now you can get it for just $12 with code X4Z9IEEU. Toss it in your glove box, or even in your spare tire well, and you’ll never again be forced to scrounge together quarters to use the air pump at a gas station.

If you have any trips on the horizon, you can save 15% on your choice of hotel stay through the end of the year with promo code TravelocitySpring15.

The asterisk here, and it’s a fairly big one, is that most major hotel chains (except Hyatt, notably) are excluded. But most cities have at least a couple of Hyatt properties, or you could use this as an excuse to try a cool boutique hotel that you might have otherwise missed. There are no blackout dates, but you will have to prepay for the room (you can cancel for a full refund), and your discount is capped at $75. Bon voyage!

Get a grasp on these kitchen tongs for just $10 today, which is a good $7 less than usual. They have silicone grippers so they won’t risk scratching up your nonstick pans, and this set comes with three pairs, so you’ll be fully stocked.

What if you could apply a coat of Rain-X to your car just by pulling on your windshield wiper stalk? This bottle of washer fluid additive is just $4 today after you clip the $1 coupon, and mixes with your existing washer fluid to encourage water beading. And with a 4.3 star review average from over 450 customers, it seems to actually get the job done.


Yes, it’s already happening again. Nordstrom Rack has brought back their Clear the Rack sale and it’s full (and I mean FULL) of really incredible deals. Designer clothing, brands you’ve never heard of, everything in clearance an extra 25% off.

The Timex Weekender was a solid contender as your favorite affordable watch, but it’s time you upgraded. Pick up the FormFuctionForm Weekender for just $50 right now, and keep the classic stylings of the Timex face, with the beauty and functionality of a Horween Chromexcel leather strap.

There’s no judgment here if you want to be comfortable, but please, at least replace the basketball shorts you’ve had since freshman year of college that you swore were just for laundry day. Clip the 20% off coupon and pick up a new pair of Russel shorts and we don’t need to talk about it again.

Note: as always, Amazon likes to make different colors and sizes different prices, so just be on the look out for that.

Our readers listed these Crabby Wallets as one of their favorite front pocket wallets, and today, you can save $5 off a whole bunch of different colors and materials (click here for elastic models, and here for canvas) when you clip the on-page coupon. These wallets can hold up to 10 cards, include a ring for your keys, and are crazy thin. And at $10, they’re so cheap, you’ll have a lot of money left over to put in them.

It’s finally getting warm enough to spend a lazy day on the water, and you can upgrade your fishing experience with a discounted reel, today only from Amazon’s Gold Box. The KastKing Sharky III 5000 is about $14 less than usual, while the KastKing Speed Demon is $18 off. Both are well reviewed, and both are cheaper than ever before, but these prices are only available today, so don’t let this be the one that got away.

Uniqlo not only has a bunch of new styles (including some really great graphic t-shirts), they’re giving you free shipping on your entire order, today only. Outfit the whole family in AIRism, or check out their newest collaboration with Marimekko and add some color to your life.

Although it looks exactly like a leg-stretching medieval torture device, this Teeter Inversion Table can actually be quite helpful for those who suffer from back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and more. Today, you can get this normally-$450+ table for just $240, as along as you don’t mind that it has some minor blemishes*.

Even for those without back injuries, this table can be used to amp up your workout, by allowing for deeper stretching and more range of motion. The table features a lumbar bridge, acupressure nodes, and aero-space-grade ankle straps so you feel secure.

This deal will only last through the end of day or until the product sells out, so don’t let this deal flip around on you.

*Woot says they only sell products with superficial blemishes that were created during shipping process or after brief use. The product’s 5-year warranty is still valid.

Privé Revaux turned the sunglass industry on its head last year with a wide variety of attractive frames for just $30 each, but you can get them for even less today with this 25% off deal. Over on their site, you can also browse over 100 styles, and get any pair you want for just $23 with promo code SPRING25.

Pushups + capitalism = These things.

But seriously, Legend Pushup’s push-up bars really do promote proper pushup form while taking the strain out of your wrists. They also have two different modes depending on how they’re oriented, rocking and stable, to accommodate different exercises. $20 is the best price Amazon’s ever listed on these.


Update: Also $5 as a 4K download on iTunes.

The Revenant is one of those movies that lends itself well to 4K. The sprawling vistas and the bear are cool, but there’s nothing like seeing the veins popping out of Leo DiCaprio’s forehead in ultra HD resolution as he strains every acting muscle in his body in search of that elusive Oscar. Get it for just $15 on Amazon today, plus a regular Blu-ray, and a digital copy.

We see deals on iTunes gift cards with some frequency, but Google Play credit almost never goes on sale. If you buy your movies, apps, music, or anything else from Google Play, this $5 gift card discount is basically free money. Just select $50 from the dropdown menu, and use code GOOGLE at . checkout.


The Nintendo Switch is having some high-profile issues with third party docks lately. And while it’s not exactly clear if the same systemic issues apply to charging accessories that don’t output an AV signal, if you’d rather play it safe, the Switch’s official AC adapter is $5 off on Amazon today. Compared to most Nintendo accessories, this isn’t too overpriced to begin with, either: $25 is a pretty decent deal for a 39W USB-C charger.

You can quibble over whether Burnout Paradise needed improved textures and lighting effects, but they certainly don’t hurt what was already an incredibly fun arcade driving experiment. The remaster came out for $40 on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this month, but you can already grab a copy for $30.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, buying a copy of Super Mario Odyssey is basically a requirement. If you don’t have yours yet, Amazon’s offering a rare discount down to $49 today on both the physical and digital version, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen. If you buy the digital code, you’ll also get 300 Nintendo Gold coins, worth $3 on the eShop, versus just 60 coins from the physical version.

Humble’s getting back to basics with its 19th Indie Bundle. Seven games (so far) are included, including gems like Mini Metro, Poly Bridge, and Superhot, just for starters. You can get all of them for as little as $14, but there are lower price tiers available as well with fewer games.

Bonus: If you’re a Humble Monthly subscriber (and you should be), paying for the highest tier will also net you a $2 Humble Store credit to spend on any game you want.





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