Fill Your Wall With up to $500 Off These LG C1 OLED 4K TVs

These match the lowest prices we've seen on the C1 OLEDs.

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LG C1 OLED TVs | As low as $1,100 | Best Buy
LG C1 OLED TVs | As low as $1,100 | Best Buy
Graphic: Wes Davis

LG C1 OLED TVs | As low as $1,100 | Best Buy

Best Buy’s early Black Friday deals include some great TV discounts, and my favorite is this LG C1 OLED for as much as $500 off. All of the screen sizes available are on sale, with the biggest (by percentage) discount of about 15% going to the 48" version.

Our friends down under at Australian Gizmodo loved this TV for its excellent picture quality, nice port selection, and built-in ambient light sensor. They weren’t too keen on the glossy screen, but there are those of us who prefer a glossy finish to matte. The TV is also made for gamers, with 120Hz HDMI 2.1 ports that support (Variable Refresh Rate). Comparisons are often aptly drawn between this and the Sony A80J, which has the same panel inside; notably it does not support VRR, but has significantly better sound and is an overall likely better movie-watching experience (and hey, look, that’s also on sale!). Also, where the Sony model uses Google TV OS, LG’s model instead has Web OS built-in.

So there you have it; buy one giant one or several small ones and fill an entire wall with TV (make sure to get old timey and listen to Frank’s 2,000-inch TV while you’re at it).