Feel Your Stress and Anxiety Leave Your Body Through a Weighted Blanket for Nearly 50% off

Save $42 on a queen-sized weight blanket to say goodbye to your troubles.

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Weighted Blanket (20lbs 60"x 80" Queen Size) | $42 | Amazon

I will never stop singing praises about weighted blankets. I want to feel crushed by my own comfort. I need to be squeezed until my eyes pop out of my socket like a rubber stress toy. A weighted blanket does just that. The added pressure feels like you’re being hugged and will help you relax and wake up feeling more rested. This one here is made from a breathable microfiber fabric and has interior ties to you can secure it inside of a duvet if you so please. It’s currently 45% off but you’ll save an additional 5% when you clip the coupon on the item page.