Drift Away on Buffy’s Cloud Pillow, Now 15% Off

The pillow experts' Back to School Sale is super dreamy!

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Buffy Cloud Pillow | $47 | 15% off | Buffy
Buffy Cloud Pillow | $47 | 15% off | Buffy
Image: Buffy

Buffy Cloud Pillow | $47 | 15% Off | Buffy
Buffy Wiggle Pillow | $59 | 15% Off | Buffy

From up in the clouds, Buffy has bestowed us all with a dreamy Back to School sale, including these not-so-basic pillows. The Cloud Pillow is even softer than a down pillow, made with sustainable, cruelty-free materials—the inside of a Buffy pillow is recycled material, and the outside is crisp Tencel lyocell fiber. Buffy’s Cloud Pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions and customizable—choose your firmness and drift away to soft, yet supportive dreams. For even cozier goodness, Buffy’s Wiggle Pillow is on sale too—designed both for cuddlers and as a pregnancy pillow. No matter your sleep position, Buffy’s got your back.