Downsize Responsibly With the Utalent 5-In-1 Hand Blender

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It’s been just over a year since Marie Kondo’s Netflix show convinced us all to part with any worldly possession that don’t spark joy. Minimalism is trending from fashion to kitchen settings. While I’m too much of a material girl to own fewer than 100 possessions, as the most extreme minimalists do, I did hop on the KonMarie Method bandwagon and have significantly downsized not only my wardrobe but my material possessions in the past year.

If you’ve read any of my recommendations before, you know that I have a small kitchen and am not into unnecessary appliances. As a boomer in the body of a millennial, I have been known to say, with disappointment, that “they just don’t make things like they used to.”

Quality, long-lasting products are my jam—bonus points if they don’t break the bank. I’m particularly drawn to products that serve multiple functions, which is why I love this Utalet five-in-one immersion hand blender, which features an immersion blender, food processor, electric whisk, and milk frother. (I know, that’s only four things, but perhaps the fifth component is the powerful eight-speed motor that powers each of the four attachments?)


You’re probably skeptical after I mentioned minimalism while simultaneously trying to get you to buy more stuff. I get it. But even Her Holiness Marie Kondo wants you to buy more things—on her website, she advertises her online shop where one can buy minimalist, clean products that make room for “meaningful objects, people, and experiences.”

I don’t think you should immediately throw away your blender, food processor, electric whisk, and milk frother and buy this one. I would, however, like to recommend this product for your consideration the next time you find yourself in need of a do-it-all appliance.

Perhaps you’re moving and have decided to downsize. Or, maybe you’re done with your high-stress Wall Street job and are finally turning your #vanlife dreams into a reality. In both situations, I encourage you to sell or donate your blender and food processor and get this thing that really does it all.


Utalent 5-In-1 Hand Blender | $43 | Amazon

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Graphic: Gabe Carey

As someone who has exclusively used an immersion blender for soups and smoothies for years, I appreciate the Utalet’s eight variable speeds and ease of use. If you’ve never used an immersion blender, allow me to explain—it’s basically a blender, but upside-down. There are fewer tiny parts to clean and you can puree hot soup right in the pot, no cooling and transferring to a pitcher necessary. The 20-ounce plastic cup is perfect for blending smoothies with fresh or frozen ingredients.


While the food processor component may not be large enough to make hummus for a crowd, it’s perfect for preparing dishes for one to two people. I’ve become quite accustomed to using it to chop smaller ingredients like onions and garlic. The most frivolous part of the Utalet 5-in-1 is definitely the milk frother, but I can’t deny the pleasure of a frothy hot chocolate on a chilly rainy day. The Utalent is truly a space-saving miracle with pleasant surprises.

For under $50, what more could you ask for?