Daniel's is the Everlane of Leather Messenger Briefcases

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Update: The Daniel’s #1 briefcase is out of crowdfunding, and is now on sale for anyone to buy. You can even choose a fun patterned liner, though it’ll cost you $25 extra.

Even as Kickstarter leads us to the “best bag ever made” equivalent of the video game crash of 1983, finding the perfect messenger bag, even if you give up on leather, remains a challenge. The eponymous Daniel nailed it.

Unlike your backpack, the Daniel’s briefcase, composed of sustainable Brazilian leather, will only turn heads in a good way. Covered in thoughtful pockets (pocketry should be a word), the Daniel’s easily handles everything you need for a work day, a flight, or even a short trip you can get away with one pair of shoes on. Touches like the key hook are always welcome, though I would have loved a stretchable travel mug holder on the exterior.

The primary issue with most messenger bags/briefcases these days is that they’re just far too big and rigid. This sort of bag should be able to collapse flat in a suitcase when not needed, and shouldn’t be much thicker than a travel mug. Laptops just aren’t that big or fragile anymore, and messenger bags don’t need to double as DSLR bags or weekenders. Daniel’s commits none of those transgressions.


On my flights to and from Denver last month, the Daniel’s easily handled a MacBook, sleep mask, external battery pack, noise-canceling headphones, notepad and pen, Nintendo Switch, and more with room to spare.


Now just give me an oxblood colorway.