Conquer Your Fear of Needles and Grow a Glorious Beard With 41% off This Derma Roller and Serum Kit

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YouCopia for Men Derma Roller and Serum for Beard Growth Kit | $24 | Amazon

Derma rollers were already gaining in popularity for skincare but now it seems they’re being touted as a potential game-changer for beard growth with this serum and microneedle roller kit on Amazon.

I’ve personally tried using a derma roller, and while I can’t speak to its ability to promote beard growth, I can say it does not feel as painful as it looks. In fact, it doesn’t hurt at all since the microneedles are small enough not to visibly puncture your skin. But whatever it is doing, this kit claims the derma roller increases the absorption of products like the included beard growth serum by 500%.

Now’s a good time to get your beard looking luxurious—No Shave November is going to be here before you know it.