Coalatree's Evolution Joggers Are The Perfect Uniform for The End of the World

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In times like these, I’ve learned to put my comfort above everything. And I consider myself lucky that I got to try out Coaltaree’s Evolution Joggers early.

Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers may be one of the most intelligently-designed articles of clothing I’ve ever owned. Everything from the cuffed pants to the hyper thin pockets to the barely-there zippers seemed so well-though out that it’s overkill.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Coalatree makes some of our favorite outdoorsy gear. We’re big fans of their knives, hiking pants, hoodie, and, now, their joggers.


Like their hoodie, Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers are made with 3 cups of recycled coffee grounds and up to 10 plastic bottles. But don’t let that eco-friendly tidbit fool you, these are superbly comfortable. In fact, they feel like some of the best, lightweight fleece sweats I’ve ever owned.

Coalatree says a bonus of using coffee grounds is the built-in odor-resistance. To test them, I wore them for five straight days, and it wasn’t until the sixth when I noticed the odor change, and even then, the funk was subtle.


Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers are currently available for $49 with a pre-order in maroon, black, olive, and oatmeal. There is one bit of bad news: Coalatree estimates shipments will be fulfilled in November, which is an absolute bummer. But, trust me, the wait will be worth it.