Happy National Dog Day! Do you love your pet so much, you consider them a member of your family? Of course, you do, because they are family. You can celebrate your pet the best way we know how, by buying them stuff online.

The Petcube Bites 2 Smart Camera is literally what it sounds like, it is a camera that will toss treats to your dog when you’re not home.

The Petcube Bites 2 Smart Camera for Pets with Treat Dispenser comes with 1080p full HD video, full-room view, 4x zoom, night vision, and two-way sound. For the treat-addicted pets, the Petcube is ideal for when you’re not home. You’ll never miss a required treat feeding again because you can fling treats at your pet “Angry Birds style.”

If your senior dog isn’t as spry as they used to be, Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs are a thoughtful and practical gift for your pet.

Have you caught your dog trying to jump up on your couch or bed, but they just can’t get up there like they used to? Rather than picking them up, you can get them a set of stairs, so they still have their independence to get on and off the couch. These stairs come with just two steps with a lot of surface space, which will make it easy for your pet to get comfortable using them, and they’re durable enough to hold dogs as heavy as 150 pounds.

Some dog beds are very cute but don’t actually match your home decor. The Pendleton Collection Glacier National Park Bed won’t be an eyesore in your living room, and it is actually comfy too.

Pet beds are nearly always an eyesore. Then there are the purveyors of the classic upscale dog beds, like LL Bean, which feel like a dated WASP staple. If you want something a bit more 2019 for your pet, it’s hard to do better than the Pendleton collection dog beds. (The smallest one is good for cats, too.) Pendelton is a 150-year-old company, but their classic American designs have become a bonafide trend in recent years. You can even get yourself a matching throw.

iFetch and Kong Wobbler 
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you need something to occupy your pet while you’re busy, we’ve written about the iFetch and Kong Wobbler before as great toys to keep your pet entertained.

Dogs play a little differently. The tried and true Kong Wobbler will keep your dog occupied until they get at the treats inside. However, if you want something a little more involved, the iFetch will launch balls for your pup to chase and bring back. Like the Mousr, some dogs might take to it, some might not. If they’re into it, though, it’s a great splurge for that dog you’re spoiling like it’s your first born.

Hot Dog Costume and Thor Dog Costume
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

And because it is never too early to think about Halloween, especially as September 1st rolls around, here are some Halloween costumes you need to buy from our 2018 co-op.

No link needed. Every dachshund in a hot dog costume deserves to win the costume contest.

Thor, specifically on a corgi, because it’s adorable and a great name (Thorgi)