Cash In On Your Camera Roll With Viewcoin and Snag Big Rewards

Every picture you take with your phone can be exchanged for coins with gifts and other cool freebies.

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Viewcoin takes the photos you snap and turns them into rewards.
Viewcoin takes the photos you snap and turns them into rewards.
Graphic: Brittany Vincent

How many pictures do you take with your phone in a day? If you’re like the rest of the world, probably a great deal. What if you could get paid just for pointing and shooting all those snaps stored in your phone’s camera roll? You can. Thanks to Viewcoin, the visionary app from the team behind photography community Viewbug, you can turn all those photos of blue skies, happy puppies, and family moments into gifts, rewards, and other discounts. You don’t even have to upload your pictures to participate!

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Here’s how it works: Your camera roll stays completely private while Viewcoin counts all of your snaps and rewards you accordingly. Every 10 images equals 1 coin. Your images will be kept unshared and unviewed, so you can rest assured your photos aren’t being scrutinized by some shadowy overlord. It’s like having a credit card that rewards you for the money you spend, only you’re taking pictures! Interested in trying it out? Grab it from either the App Store or Google Play store and see what you can get for all the photos you’ve spent time snapping!