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Breathe Easy, Mad About Organics Water Treatment Will Neutralize Your Good Boy's Bad Breath

Miller and his Mad About Organics | Amazon
Miller and his Mad About Organics | Amazon
Graphic: Zach Custer

It took me two years with Miller (above) to admit there could be anything less than perfect about him. Look at that face, he’s a stone cold stud and you know it. But pictures don’t capture bad breath, and while his wasn’t lethal, his love for street snacks and a newfound taste for sardine treats weren’t doing him any favors. Luckily my local pet store (Salty’s!) introduced me to Mad About Organics Daily Oral Care Water Treatment, a 160z, $16 revelation.

Yes, Miller is cool enough to let me brush his teeth, but I’m too lazy, and even with a chill dog, it’s a laborious task. I also give him frozen raw bones, and while those can help control plaque, they don’t cure the bad breath dragon. So I bought Mad About Organics, and while it’s not a replacement for brushing or periodic dentals at your vet (hygienically anyway), it keeps his breath at bay between cleanings, so he can keep being the neighborhood ham.

All you have to do is add a half to full cap’s worth of the liquid to your dogs water bowl. Their directions say to start out with a few drops and build up to the full cap, and they have exact water ratios, but I’ve stuck to half a cap and whatever amount of water fills his bowl, without any issue. It’s all organic (obviously), made from water, aloe vera juice, peppermint, blueberries, cranberries, vegetable glycerin, wintergreen, spearmint, and kelp. It’s a pleasant smelling mint, very faintly vinegary.


But what’s important here is that it works. After just a week of use, his breath was significantly better. And a month in, incrementally more so. Does his breath smell good now? Objectively, no. But can he yawn in my face without knocking me unconscious with his fetid breath? Yes he can. I won’t even turn away. It’s a vast improvement. And while it’s hard to confirm, I swear he’s even drinking more water. He seems to appreciate the little spritz of flavor.

Mad About Organics is also supposed to help with plaque and tartar control, improve oral hygiene generally, and boost the immune system. I’m not a vet, so I can’t confirm those. But you don’t buy this with the expectation that a few drops of a natural solution equate to a cure-all. You do it because your good boy (or girl) likes to eat garbage, and at least now, you don’t have to smell it. And at only $16 for 16oz, it’s basically a year of tolerable breath bliss in a bottle.

So what’s your dogs favorite street snack contributing to their putrid pants? Tell me and send it along with a pic of your pup, of course.

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