Bio Bidet's Slim Glow Promises to Elevate Your Evacuation For Just $32

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Bio Bidet may be best known for its ultra-luxe bidets with Star Trek-like control panels, and every possible accoutrement your undercarriage could ever deserve. But their newest model sticks to basics, and looks to be one of the best looking entry level models out there, with a price tag that won’t stop you up.

Available on Indiegogo for just $32 (or $39 if earlybirds sell out), the Bio Bidet Slim Glow features dual nozzles (posterior/feminine), an unobtrusive design, sturdy brass connections, and even battery powered LED lighting. Best of all, Bio Bidet claims you can install it yourself, on basically any toilet, in about 15 minutes. We’ve posted enough bidet deals to know that that’s a terrific value.

We’ll stan squat for bidets any time. If you had poop on any other part of your body, you wouldn’t clean yourself with a dry piece of paper. You would use (at the very least) water. Bio Bidet’s been in the business for a decade, and this seems like a perfect option for anyone that doesn’t want to flush too much money on a first bidet.