BenQ's Stunning Desk Lamp is Also Incredibly Functional [Updated]

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BenQ’s e-Reading LED Lamp is easy on the eyes in so many ways.

The lamp is a beautifully designed conversation piece. Intuitive controls let you turn the lamp on and off with a touch or fully adjust brightness and temperature with a single knob. The WiT can be angled in any direction, but you won’t need to do much, as the curved design of the light source easily illuminates every inch of your work or gaming space.

Small touches like a braided cable make the feel even more premium, and the heavy base creates an elevated surface for some of your desk accoutrement.

Optional accessories let you clamp the lamp to save desk space or turn it into a floor lamp.


The BenQ is a joy to work or game under. I may even buy a second one to put by the couch.


Update 10/2/17: We got the desktop-only version of the lamp in to check out and turned our other one into a floor lamp with the optional stand. If you know you’re never going to want to turn the BenQ into a clamp lamp or floor lamp, you can save some money with this model, which has all the same features otherwise.