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BEDDI Packs Every Bedside Device and Integration Into a Single Alarm Clock

BEDDI combines three of our most popular categories: phone charging, bluetooth speakers, and wake-up lights into a single product. Tip of the iceberg.


BEDDI is a bedside alarm clock that can be completely dimmed. It features two USB ports, though the more powerful one tops out at a sufficient but not impressive 2.1A. It’s obviously also a bluetooth speaker.


BEDDI starts to get interesting with its mood lights and wake-up light, the latter of which can be paired with Spotify integration... or the radio. BEDDI also integrates with Hue, Nest, and even Uber using a set of three programmable smart buttons. You’re not going to be getting fine-tuned adjustments here, but you’ll be able to turn on the air conditioning or call yourself a car from bed, without picking up your phone. The built-in wake-up light also isn’t going to compare to the colored sunrise simulation of the high-end Philips model, but then again the interface on the Philips is pretty terrible.

If all that wasn’t enough, how about weather and traffic reports and built-in white noise generation?

Editor Emeritus, The Inventory

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