Be the Sommelier of Your Friend Group With This $32 Wine Pourer

Looks funky, but this $32 aerates wine as it pours.

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This one-touch wine decanter aerates wine.
This one-touch wine decanter aerates wine.
Graphic: Erin O’Brien

We love a funky gadget at The Inventory, but especially one that’s as useful and ~fancy~ as this $32 electric wine pourer. Yes, you can pour your bottle of wine the classic way, but that’s boring. This simple attachment tops your wine bottle for a one-touch pour that aerates the wine.

Electric Wine Aerator Pourer | $32 | 24% Off + Coupon | Amazon

This device also helps preserve the wine, as its rubber-tight seal keeps the insides away from the air until you want a pour. On the technical side, this charges via USB—helpful and easy. Anyway, bring it to your picnic, to the next dinner party, and be the personal sommelier your friend group has always dreamed about having.