Amazon's Newest Dash Button is Basically An On-Demand Snack Subscription Box

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You ever have one of those weeks that you wish you could have chocolate and cookies just...appear? Well, Amazon has you covered with their new Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button. Order surprise boxes full of chocolate, brownies, cookies, and sweet snacks at the literal touch of a button.

Each box costs $18 (but doesn’t fluctuate like the other Dash Button deals usually do) and you still get the $5 credit as you would with any other Dash Button. And the boxes are really full of pretty spectacular choices. Seriously, just take a look at the example boxes.

If the main problem you had with other snack subscription boxes was not finishing them before you got the next one, having an on-demand box in the form of a Dash Button may be the best solution yet.

FYI: Looks like you need to request an invite (I did about a month ago) before you can purchase it. But the sooner you request, the sooner you can buy it. And the invite only lasts five days, so keep your eyes open.