Add Astral Chain To Your Switch Library For $10 Off

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Astral Chain [Switch] | $50 | Rakuten | Promo code SAVE15
Astral Chain [Switch] | $50 | Rakuten | Promo code SAVE15
Screenshot: Kotaku

Astral Chain [Switch] | $50 | Rakuten | Promo code SAVE15

Want a Platinum Games fix while you wait patiently for Bayonetta 3? Astral Chain is a post-apocalyptic romp for Switch owners, and you can grab the brand new game for $50 today with promo code SAVE15.

Here’s what Kotaku’s Mike Fahey had to say:

Stylish action is what we’ve come to expect from Platinum Games. It’s the Osaka-based studio’s bread and butter. Whether it’s highly stylized original work like Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and Vanquish or licensed games like The Legend of Korra and Transformers Devastation, much of Platinum’s work is built on a strong foundation of action combat. The style is fast and flashy, with gorgeous animation and special effects, while still being technical and deep, with timed dodges and parries and counters.

I anticipated such combat in Astral Chain, and I was not disappointed. I was, however, surprised to discover that while fighting is the foundation of Astral Chain, Platinum has built such a rich and storied world upon that foundation that the battles often take a back seat to the non-ass-kicking portions of the game.

Just note that to get the deal, you’ll need to be signed into a free Rakuten account.