Upgrade Your Pantry Storage for Under $30

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The two best pieces of pantry organization advice you’ll get will cost you nothing to implement and they are this: Group like things—pastas, snacks, canned goods, baking supplies, etc.—together, and put the stuff you use most often in the easiest-to-reach spots. But still, there are some organizing solutions that are worth considering throwing some (but not a lot!) of money at in aid of bringing order to pantries and cabinets that are overwhelmed by bags of this and jars of that and oh, ugh, did the honey leak again? These are some of the best pantry organizing products that won’t break the bank.

Undershelf Baskets

A lot of common pantry items, like bags of beans or nuts, are packaged in a way that makes storing them in an orderly fashion a bit tricky. Organizer bins exist and can help with this, but they take up precious cabinet space. Enter: The undershelf storage basket. These baskets have arms that slide over a shelf and hang underneath, maximizing unused cabinet storage space.


Shelf Extender

Another easy way to increase the usable space in a pantry or in cabinets is to use a shelf extender that doubles the amount of flat storage available. Shelf extenders are usually wire, but this style has a flat metal shelf, making it a better choice for storing breakable items like spice jars or drinking glasses.


Storage Containers

Many popular pantry storage containers have the same sort of problem that organizer bins do: They can take up a lot of unnecessary space. But this set of six storage containers, that can be used to hold things like flour, sugar, loose beans, pasta, etc., has a relatively small footprint compared to similar products—and the flat tops allow for easy stacking.



When it comes to storing small items like jars of spices in a deep cabinet, it’s easy for things to get lost in the way-back. A riser can help keep those things in your line of sight, so you won’t have to take everything out to find the cream of tartar you use once a year for your famous lemon meringue pie.


Lazy Susans

We love a lazy susan moment but, like other popular pantry storage solutions, they can take up space unnecessarily. A two-tied lazy susan, however, allows you to use a cabinet’s vertical space to store things like bottles and jars, and the turntable design makes it a lot easy to grab what you need without having to take a whole bunch of other stuff out first.