Get The Mueller Electric Kettle for $25 Because Why Do We Wait for Teapots To Boil, Anyway?

America's obsession with teapots is a mystery, so get this electric kettle and live in the now.

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Mueller Ultra Electric Kettle | $25 | Amazon

As a lifelong tea drinker, I can’t explain to you how much my life was changed by the purchase of an electric kettle. It just heats up water so much faster. Why did I ever bother with a teapot in the first place? It’s not like I was ever making an entire pot of tea for myself! Except for one period a few years ago, but that’s off-topic. The point is if I had invested in something like the Mueller Ultra Electric Kettle years earlier than I did, I would have saved so much time literally waiting for water to boil. If you’re a tea person, or hot chocolate with water instead of milk person, or an instant noodles person, or a cake recipe that mysteriously calls for a single cup of boiled water person, I am begging you to get an electric kettle. This specific model is marked down to $25 from $50, which means you’ll be saving 50%. All of those types of people will win.

This deal was originally published by Sophy Ziss on 02/16/2022 and updated on 05/05/2022 and 06/24/2022 with new information.