This Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Is Down From $800 to $170

Save 79% on a combination robot vacuum and mop to clean your floors with ease.

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The robot vacuum mop combo is $630 off.
The robot vacuum mop combo is $630 off.
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

There are a ton of household products labeled “Smart” products these days and they’re mostly for reasons that feel like a gimmick. And yet, the robot vacuum earns that title. It’s given me actual time back into my day by allowing it to run a daily sweep of my apartment. I don’t need to clean myself as frequently and am greeted by a freshly vacuumed apartment every day I come home. This XIEBro robot vacuum and mop combo is ideal for hard floors and carpeted areas. You can control it via its smart app and pair it with Google Assistant or Alexa to set routines or command it to start cleaning whenever.

XIEBro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | $170 | Amazon

The robot vacuum and mop combo is a whopping 79% off, bringing the price from $800 to just $170. Start cleaning your house without having to lift a finger.


Originally written by Joe Tilleli on 6/2/23 and updated with new information by Miranda Martin on 6/6/23.