This Portable Bidet Can Save You From The Barbarity of Public Bathrooms

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If there is one thing I’ve learned as a bidet convert, it’s that once you go bidet, every non-washing toilet experience is horrible.

Sonny—the first portable bidet—can alleviate the dread of taking the Browns to the Super Bowl in a public restroom.

Here’s how it works: Sonny holds up to 100ml of water in its tank, which allows you to spray your nether regions for 25-40 seconds, depending on the pressure setting. It generates that pressure with a rechargeable battery, which can last up to three weeks on a single charge, so you won’t have to charge this thing on your desk at work too often (unless you really want to).

Better still, it comes in a beautifully designed package, which means no strange looks when you take it to the loo, and no installation necessary, unlike an integrated bidet.


In addition to the feeling of cleanliness that comes with the use of a bidet, this tool will let you use less toilet paper, which is good for your budget, good for the environment, and good for your b-hole if you work for a penny-pinching boss who stocks the office bathroom with single ply. 

Sonny is currently available for pre-order at Indiegogo for the introductory rate of $98 (slated to retail for $140) and will ship in December.