ThermoWorks' New Wireless Barbecue Alarm Is Delicious, Smoky, Juicy Overkill

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For serious pit masters and meat enthusiasts, ThermoWorks’ new Signals barbecue alarm thermometer looks like the ultimate smoking companion.

There’s nothing dramatically new here, when compared to say, the $69 ThermoWorks BlueDot. there’s just more. More features, more probes, more options, more everything. You get four individual readouts from four included probes (including one air probe with a grill clip), a water-resistant base station, individual custom temperature alarms for each, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can monitor each probe from your phone, no matter where you are in the world. It’s completely overkill for most people, but if you know any serious smokeboys, it’d be an amazing holiday gift.


ThermoWorks makes our readers’ favorite meat thermometer because the accuracy of their products is second to none. The probes on Signals are calibrated to be accurate to within ±1.8°F at most barbecue temperature ranges, so your smoked Thanksgiving turkey comes out just as juicy as you imagined.