The Top 10 Deals of December 14, 2018

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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1 cuisinart

As far as I’m concerned, an enameled dutch oven is right up there with a good knife and great spatula in the hierarchy of must-own kitchen gear, and a few of Cuisinart’s iconic models are on sale in today’s Amazon Gold Box, along with a 12" chicken fryer.

These things are on approximately 99% of all wedding registries, so even if you already own one yourself, they could make great gifts. They’re oven safe for up to 500 degrees, and they even work on induction cooktops, so you can use them in a lot of different ways. Hell, I’m currently using mine as a holiday cookie jar.

All three deals are all-time low prices, and they’re available on both the light blue and cream models. These prices are only available today though, so don’t let this deal simmer for too long.

#2 jump starters

It is my genuine and deeply held belief that a miniature car jump starter is one of the most thoughtful holiday gifts someone can give. Some day, somewhere, it’ll get your giftee out of a tricky situation, and they’ll remember that it was you—thoughtful, intelligent you—that saved them with your foresight and generosity.

Both Anker’s 800A Pro jump starter (promo code ROAVR320) and its smaller 400A model (code ROAVR310) are on sale today for some of the best prices we’ve seen. The former can start basically any gas engine (up to 6L), while the latter is much smaller, but can only be trusted to jump cars with 3L engines or smaller. These being Anker products, they both include high speed USB ports for phones and such as well, plus built-in flashlights so you can see under the hood, even at night.

#3 lego

LEGO’s popular Ship in a Bottle set is on sale for $14 off at Walmart and Amazon right now, the best price we’ve seen. It comes complete with translucent water, six cannons, printed sails, and a “wood” base to hold it. It’s also a lot easier to build than a real ship in a bottle, which may be a pro or a con, depending on your point of view.

We think this deal will sink rather quickly down to Davy Jones’ locker, so if you want yours, order it now.

#4 ipads

Let’s face the facts; you don’t need the iPad Pro. The standard 2018 iPad is a terrific tablet for both consuming and creating media. (And it works with the Apple Pencil, the first non-Pro model to do so.)

And right now you can get the 32GB model for $249 and the 128GB model (Space Gray only) for $329, the same prices we saw (on and off) around Black Friday.

#5 wayfair

Whether or not you’ll be home for Christmas, your house could still probably use an upgrade or two. Wayfair is making it easier than ever to redecorate your space this season with their 48-Hour Blowout sale. Take up to 75% off a range of home essentials, from mattresses and beddings basics to rugs and wall art. But as its name suggests, this sale is a mere two days long. Since it might take you approximately that amount of time to sift through all the discounted items, you should shop now, or risk your ideal home existing only in your dreams.

#6 sonos

The Sonos Beam is our readers’ favorite sound bar, and if you missed out on its $50 Black Friday discount, Amazon’s giving you a second chance today.

Of course, the Beam is a terrific sound bar for your TV, but it also works with all of your other Sonos speakers to contribute to a seamless, multi-room audio solution for your entire house, or a truly wireless surround sound system for your living room. Whether it’s your first Sonos product or your 20th, it’ll fit right in.

The Beam has a couple of small subwoofers built in, but if you need MORE BASS, the Sonos Sub is also $100 off today. You probably don’t need it, but this is as good a deal as you’re ever likely to see.

#7 tvs

I’ll level with you...there’s nothing particularly special about these Sceptre TVs. They don’t have HDR, there’s no smart functionality to speak of, and they don’t have anything I’d describe as a memorable industrial design. But for all the things that they aren’t, what they are are cheap screens that you can use to watch shows. Like, very cheap. Cheaper than Black Friday cheap (we actually posted them at the time, and they’re all $10-$20 less expensive now).

Just note that the 55" model is 4K, the 50" is 1080p, and the 32" is 720p.

#8 everlane

It’s unusual for jeans enter the fold in Everlane’s Choose What You Pay section, but today, there they are. And not one, but two women’s styles are up for grabs at 30% and 20% off, respectively: The Modern Boyfriend Jean, a relaxed-fit style available in three washes (light blue, mid blue, and black) for $48; and The Mid-Rise Skinny Jean, a cropped slim-cut jean with a 9-inch rise going for $55. Don’t lose out on this rare chance pick up some quality Everlane denim at a discount.

#9 headphones

Obviously, these $38 Bluetooth headphones from TaoTronics don’t sound as great or block noise as well as a high end pair of Sony or Bose headphones. Obviously!

But...TaoTronics sent me a pair to try, and they’re pretty good! They sound fine, like any other relatively inexpensive pair of Bluetooth headphones, and the noise cancelation works better than I expected against constant noises like airplane engines and the like. They’d make a great gift for anyone that travels with any regularity, but just be sure to use promo code KINJAL40 to save $22 at checkout.

#10 anime

Legend of Korra was one of the best shows on TV during its time, let alone one of the best anime series, and you can own all four seasons on Blu-ray for an all-time low $20, today only on Amazon. If you’d prefer it on DVD, you can get it for even less, but anyway, it’s a deal that should send you straight into the Avatar state.

Also included in today’s sale is the complete Blu-ray and DVD set for Avatar: The Last Airbender, which got a long-overdue release just a few short months ago.  Today only, it’s just $19 (or $16 for the DVD), an all-time low, so yip yip!