The Smart Home Is Finally Coming For Our Ceiling Fans

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Everything you can buy for your home, from light switches to refrigerators, are smart now, but ceiling fans have always been weirdly underrepresented in the smart home market. A few minor players aside, the category basically begins and ends with Big Ass Fans’ expensive (but gorgeous) Haiku. A new Kickstarter from Carro Electrical aims to change that.

The Carro Smart Fan doesn’t integrate with Nest like the Haiku, but you can still control it from anywhere with your phone, or with Alexa or Google Home. And if you spring for the option with a built-in LED light, you can even use the free app to change its color temperature between energizing daylight, and relaxing warm white.


Earlybird pricing starts at $240 for the fan without a light, or $329 with the light, both of which are great prices, at least relative to your other options.