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The Perks of Buying Groceries on Walmart+

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When the pandemic shutdowns were rolled out in full force, Bryce Gruber, a women’s magazine editor and mom of 5, began to rely on online shopping options. Gruber tells me that these competitor services were convenient, but she “quickly realized the prices are inflated and customer service is absolutely terrible.”

Gruber was always a Walmart shopper, preferring the Supercenters. When Walmart+ rolled out, it was “a no brainer” for her to become a member. And Walmart+ hasn’t disappointed her or her family.

The benefits of a Walmart+ membership are many, and it’s the reliable, budget-friendly, and safe shopping choice. Free delivery from your store*, with groceries & more delivered as soon as today, at low prices you will love. I asked Walmart+ members like Gruber about the membership, and these are some of the reasons you too should sign up!


No Contact Pickup and Free Walmart+ Shipping

Chloe Slaven originally signed up for Walmart+ because of the Covid19 pandemic. “I wanted an option for contactless grocery delivery or pickup during COVID, she tells me. “Walmart seemed to very consistently have same day and next day delivery and/or pickup times available. There is also a Walmart about five minutes from my house so it made pickup very convenient.”

But it’s not just Covid restrictions and safety concerns that make Walmart+ attractive. It’s a convenient, and hassle-free experience. “It saves me a trip out to stores with little kids, says Gruber. “I can get my groceries and other items delivered as I stay on a work zoom, feed the kids their lunches, or just about anything else.”

The Best Prices for Quarantine Goodies

“Walmart already has the best prices on basics like beans, pasta, paper towels, juice for the kids, and other pantry staples,” Gruber tells me. But really, it’s that getting the best everyday low prices definitely extends to Nutella.

“Nutella is a quarantine game-changer,” Gruber says. “And I know it sounds silly, but when competitors are asking you to pay $12 for a Nutella 2-pack with a 2-day delivery time and the same Nutella is 40 percent cheaper and arrives same day from Walmart+, there’s no discussion.”


Avoid Impulse Buying and Shop on the Go

Cynthia is a full-time mom (and now a full-time cyber teacher) to a teenage daughter. She hates grocery shopping, so Walmart+ was exactly what she needed to stay out of the dreaded grocery store and shop on the go.

Not just saving her the trouble, but she gets to keep her husband out of the grocery store too. “He tends to impulse buy and comes home with all kinds of junk food. This way I can make sure we keep that stuff out of the house and I can make sure we eat better food.”


Working a full-time job, Elisia Holsinger wanted to save time, so she signed up for Walmart+. “I can add stuff all week long to the app as I run out,” Holsinger said to me. “If I go in person I shop with my eyes and buy things I don’t actually need.”

Pricing Out Your Meals

Walmart+ also helps Holsinger budget her family’s meals better, and it saves her money. “If I go in person I shop with my eyes and buy things I don’t actually need,” she says. The app helps you avoid unintentionally pricy meals, keeping your budget on track and letting you track your costs better.


Sign Up for Walmart+

A Walmart+ membership pays for itself in just two deliveries.** It saves you time, money and you get the best products for a steal.

* $35 minimum. Restrictions apply.

**Based on the $7.95 delivery fee

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