Science and Sugar Are the Perfect Teaching Duo With This Candy Chemistry Kit

You won’t turn your kid into the new Walter White, we promise.

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Candy Chemistry Kit | $33 | Amazon
Candy Chemistry Kit | $33 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Candy Chemistry Kit | $33 | Amazon

Keeping kids’ interest or attention is a challenge, especially if you’re also trying to work at home. If there’s a way to combine learning and fun, it can help take the pressure off everyone. Take an afternoon to get creative and craft your own candy through the magic of science. This Candy Chemistry Kit is 10% off today and could be just that.

Everyone loves candy, so this could be an excellent activity for the whole family. Cooking is chemistry, and it’s never too early to teach the skill of making food for yourself. Each delicious experiment will help your kids learn important physical science principles that can be applied to everyday life. This kit will illustrate why sugar crystallizes, and then you get rock candy! Enlighten the tikes about the phases of matter through heating chocolate and modeling it. I was never particularly good at conversion, but if I were doing measurements for gummy bears, maybe I wouldn’t be so crap at math now. The kit comes with everything you need: plastic/metal molds, thermometer, spatula, dipping fork, foils, paper cups, sticks, and wrappers. Don’t worry; you will get a forty-eight-page manual full of ideas and instructions. You won’t turn your kid into the new Walter White, but if they get an A in chemistry, maybe it was worth it.

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