Save $72 on This Enerplex 16” Queen Air Mattress and Sleep Comfortably Whenever You’re Away From Your Bed

The #1 ranked air mattress on Amazon is a must-have.

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EnerPlex 16" Queen Air Mattress | $53 | Amazon
EnerPlex 16" Queen Air Mattress | $53 | Amazon
Graphic: Keith Stawarz

EnerPlex 16"Queen Air Mattress | $53 | Amazon

Since the air mattress has been invented, no other portable bed makes getting that important sleep as easy and comfortable. Having a quality air mattress in your home is important. The EnerPlex 16" queen air mattress is quick to set up with the fastest built-in pump on the market. The sturdy coil beam construction supports your back and is perfect for trips when you don’t want them to wake up hunched over like a question mark. Designed with puncture-resistant PVC so maybe you can use it as a sled in the snow although I wouldn’t advise that (it’s also waterproof). Save $72 today and have a spare place to sleep when you and your significant other are going at it.