Parásole 3D Recovery Socks Were Designed to Help Alleviate Foot and Heel Pain

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Have you ever gotten home after a long day and your feet hurt so bad, you didn’t think you’d ever be able to stand on them again? Parásole 2.0: Revolutionary 3D Recovery Socks were designed to help with foot pain and provide instant relief.

Parásoles help adapt the natural shape of your foot to hard flat ground surfaces. They feature dynamic arch support, dual layer compression, and micro cushioning. The added utility of the polymer sole improves traction on slippery floors and protects socks fibers from abrasion when wearing them while relaxing inside or playing outside.

According to APMA, 51% of adults are limited in their activities due to foot pain. Overpronation and arch pain is said to impact 70% of adults. The technology of the Parásole 2.0 is designed to provide more arch support, cushioning, compression, and more.

The recovery socks were designed to be worn for:

  • Fitness workouts
  • Yoga recovery
  • In/out of shoes
  • Office after work
  • Leisurewear
  • On-the-go utility

The anti-slip polymer sole allows the wearer to workout without slipping or sliding. The compression design of the socks hugs your feet but doesn’t cut off blood flow. This was designed to help with circulation, to relieve swelling, and provide relief for tired and achy feet.


You can back these Parásole 2.0: Revolutionary 3D Recovery Socks on Kickstarter, with estimated delivery in September 2019.