Messy Floors Have Met Their Match: Meet the Flippr Sweep Cleaner, Down to $50 Right Now

This 2-pound wonder doesn't need cords or batteries, and can tackle any floor surface.

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The Flippr Sweep Cleaner is lightweight and easy to use.
The Flippr Sweep Cleaner is lightweight and easy to use.
Graphic: Mike Fazioli

Cleaning up dirty floors doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive: Meet the Flippr Sweep Cleaner, a lightweight, cord- and battery-free multi-surface sweeper designed to simplify floor cleaning. Right now the Flippr Sweep Cleaner is just $50, $10 off its usual price and well below the price of most floor sweeping machines on the market.

Flippr Sweep Cleaner | $50 | Flippr

Most electric or battery-run floor cleaners are expensive and either trail cords behind them or are at the mercy of a short battery life. The manual Flippr Sweep Cleaner is always ready to roll because it requires only the little manual power it takes to push a super-lightweight 2-pound sweeper. The rotating brushroll works equally well on hard floors or carpets, and sweeps large and small debris into its own container, which opens for emptying with a pushbutton. No dustpans, no bending over to sweep. The Flippr Sweep Cleaner is the lightweight, silent, easy-to-use, always-ready floor cleaner you didn’t know you needed. Head to Flippr now and grab one for just $50.


This article was originally publish on 6/22/23 and updated with new information by Blake McCourt on 7/10/23