Get the Chef in Your Life a Nonstick Square Grill Pan for 33% off

This granite-coated grill pan is a cool $10 off right now.

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Compatible with all stovetops.
Compatible with all stovetops.
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

I’ve been binging The Bear and it’s making me want to spend an uncomfortable amount of money fully revamping my kitchen. While that dream is a bit out of reach, I can certainly take some baby steps to get a little bit closer. A new pan perhaps. This square grill pan for stove tops is nonstick with a granite coating. It has pour spots to easily and safely remove grease and oil. A perfect tool for making grilled cheese, browning onions, or preparing some bacon in the morning.

Eslite Nonstick Grill Pan | $20 | Amazon

This sturdy and durable stovetop pan is normally $30, but right now you can get it for $10 off.