Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

Once you score some sweet art for your wall, you’ve got a conundrum to solve. How do you hang that art without screwing up your walls? If you rent, this problem can get even more difficult, but fortunately you have more options than just putting nails and tacks in your walls.

Command Poster Strips

3M’s Command Strips let you hang pictures directly on the wall without leaving behind any nail holes or residue.
Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

The tried and true Command Poster strips are popular for a reason. These adhesive strips can be attached to frames, posters, or most other things you can hang, and then stuck directly to your wall. When it comes time to remove it, you can pull on the free tab to gently remove the sticky side from the wall without damaging your paint. If you rent your place and don’t want to lose your deposit, these are a solid option.

Traceless Washable Adhesive Tape

While it’s not tape in the traditional sense, double sided gel tape can be used in much the same way to hold things to your wall, and promises not to leave behind any residue.
Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

Multi-sided adhesive tape is a step up from Command strips, for your heavier duty artwork. These come in rolls that you can cut to any length you need. You can use as much as you need to hang pictures with bigger and bulkier frames, or artwork that is more complex than a flat piece of paper.

Velcro Brand Industrial Strength Fasteners

Industrial Velcro strips can be used to hold up heavier frames, mirrors, or other assorted objects you want to stick to your wall.
Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

Having the same pictures on your wall forever can get boring. What if you want to change your artwork around every once in a while? Instead of using adhesives, velcro tape can serve a similar purpose but give you a lot more flexibility. Attach one end to your wall and the opposing end to your artwork and you can swap out frames easily. Perfect for when you want put up your family member’s less-than-stellar painting when they come to town, but maybe not so much for your dinner party.

Easest Swivel Hooks

Depending on your home’s crown molding, you could potentially use hooks and strings to hang art from the ceiling in a really unique way.
Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

Your instinct might be to hide all the hooks and tape and whatnot that you use to hang your art. But you can also turn those hooks into part of your aesthetic. Home living site House Beautiful recommends using string and hooks to hang paintings from your molding (if that’s an option). You could also hang them from a shelf, a balcony overhanging a wall, or mount a curtain rod to give yourself a place to hang from. The hanging artwork will definitely give your place a distinct look that stands out to your guests.

Gold Foil Washi Tape

There’s no law that you have to hide your adhesive. This decorative tape can be used almost like a flat frame to make your art pop.
Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

Want another non-destructive option that you can turn into an aesthetic? How about washi tape. This tape is similar to masking tape, but with fun and interesting designs and patterns. Take a strip of your favorite washi tape and use it to hang posters or individual photos on your wall and you can turn the tape into part of your room’s look.