Get the GoTrax G6 Commuter Electric Scooter for $200 Off Right Now

"Vroom! This thing is zippy," wrote one happy buyer.

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The GoTrax G6 Commute Electric Scooter is 25% off at Best Buy.
The GoTrax G6 Commute Electric Scooter is 25% off at Best Buy.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

Commuting stinks, and we often wonder: Is there a way to make it better? Or not just better — actually fun? An electric scooter might be the answer, and that’s why we’re excited about this deal: the GoTrax G6 Commute Electric Scooter is available now for 25% off at Best Buy, dropping the price to $600. This powerful scooter has a 48-mile operating range and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. And reviewers praised its weight as feeling hefty enough for the open road while not slowing it down.

GoTrax G6 Commute Electric Scooter | $200 off | Best Buy

“The GoTrax Commuter G6 is a very solid and fun ride,” one happy buyer wrote recently. (The scooter has a 4.5-out-of-5-star rating.) “This thing has some weight to it which shows through [its] durability, stability and functioning limits. ... Definitely built to hold up larger sized adults. ... I can vouch for a solid long lasting ride.” Check out the scooter now and get $200 off when you purchase it at Best Buy.


Originally written by Elise Caplan on 9/7/23 and updated with new information by Miranda Martin on 9/20/23.