Dry Out All Of The Food With 30% off This Dehydrator Machine

Dried food is an easy way to make snacking a little bit more enjoyable.

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You can dry multiple types of food out all at once.
You can dry multiple types of food out all at once.
Image: Jason Coles

If you’re sick of eating moist food that’s full of wetness and unpleasant chewing sounds, then this Vivohome Food Dehydrator is here to help you out, and it’s currently 30% off, making it only $70. This food dehydrator has five layers of trays to allow you to dehydrate a lot of food at once, has an easy-to-adjust temperature and timer, and is easy to clean too.

Vivohome Food Dehydrator | $70 | 30% off

The Vivohome Food Dehydrator is an easy way to help prepare snacks for a long journey, change up how you eat fruit, meat, and other things, or just to keep things in the kitchen a little more interesting. There are loads of things you can do with this once it’s had its way with food, so grab one now and get experimenting.