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Clean Yourself (And The World) With Bamboo Towels

Statistically speaking, your towels are gross.

They linger in the bathroom, in your room and rub up against your body (also gross.)

You can (and should) clean your towels as much as you can, but if you can’t remember the last time you got towels? Now might be the time to pull the trigger on Ariv Bamboo Cotton towels.

Like new socks, new towels are the boring gift you want but never think to get.

I got these towels at $36, and the price has only dropped since then, making this a package of four towels for $24.


That’s insane. That’s luxury lifestyle. Four towels?? That’s the Ric Flair of towel possession.

To do some towel math, you need two towels to live a grim, towel-to-towel existence. Fine; we’ve been there. Three is the minimum for real peace. With a third towel, you have two towels and an additional third towel for laundry days.

But four towels? Four? The cleaning possibilities are endless––make a towel fort, save one for a rainy day, whatever. However you use them, there’s no denying: this is a lot of towels for a little bit of money.

Plus, there’s the material advantages. I wouldn’t just schill you any replacement-level towel––these towels leverage technology to be better for you and for the world.

Each of these four towels is a bit different, something you’ll notice at the first touch. Unlike most towels, they’re made with a cotton and bamboo blend, making them both environmentally friendly and people-friendly.


Don’t worry: the cotton leads the day with all of the softness you expect. But, because bamboo fiber is mildew-resistant, these fresh and clean towels will stay fresh and clean for longer. And, since the materials are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant, they don’t pollute your house between your washings.

Personally, I noticed a change after I switched my battered Target towels for these; the air is crisper and the towels feel fresher every morning, since these lightweight and efficient towels air-dry so nicely.


Plus, they’re easier to wash: since they’re lightweight, they take up less room in your laundry basket and dry faster, making them easier to keep clean as well.

The result? Easier, cleaner linens, and an easier, cleaner life. If you live in a small apartment like I do, you’ll notice the difference.

Getting these towels may not be the most exciting thing you’ll do today––at least I hope it isn’t––but it may be the most productive.


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