Carry Your Hydro Flask in One of the Brand's New Insulated Totes

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Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Hydro Flask is here to hold your drinks (and other stuff!) in a whole new way. The maker of our readers’ most beloved water bottle is branching our from drinkware with its just-launched line of insulated totes, and like their famed bottles, these bags will keep your food and beverages cold for hours.

The totes come in three sizes: The smallest is the 8L Lunch Tote, or go big with a 20L or 35L Insulated Tote. Each bag promises to keep its contents cool for 4 hours or more; for additional cold retention, bring along an ice pack. The totes are flexible enough to fold for easy storage, and cleaning the fully-lined interior is as simple as wiping down with a damp rag or sponge (plus, it will keep any spills from leaking out). The zippered top, meanwhile, will ensure that all your items stay put.

And hey, they don’t look half bad either. Each bag comes in navy blue Blackberry, light pink Grapefruit, grayish Mushroom, and bright yellow Sunflower. The insulation in each tote is ultra lightweight, so it’s not too heavy to carry around, and the fabric exterior, including the zippered pocket, is durable and completely waterproof, but also soft enough to be comfortable against your body. Finally, flexible straps make it perfectly suited for shoulder carrying, leaving your hands conveniently free.


The Lunch Tote costs $45, while the 20L and 35L Insulated Totes cost $65 and $74, respectively. Of course, that a lot to drop on a single bag, but if Hydro Flasks other products are any indication, you’ll be hanging onto these totes for countless grocery runs, picnics, beach trips, and other outings to come.