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Baltic Amber Candles: Burn One For Your Homies (Or Home)

Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle, $30
Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle, $30
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

One of the many lovely things my now ex-girlfriend introduced me to was Baltic Amber candles.

At the time, they seemed preposterous: I mean, what even is baltic amber? And why would it cost $30?

I didn’t want one––I figured the money would be better spent on hamburgers. was young, naive, and eventually dumped. But the candle issue stuck with me.

A few years later, I saw this candle and circled back in a store. What had seemed oddly elevated and unattainable years ago had faded into the practical.


I bought this candle. Was it wistful regret? The world’s smallest flex?

I can’t say, and, frankly, you shouldn’t care. What you should care about is that Baltic Amber candles rock and you should get one––for yourself or for someone else.

The first crucial detail is that they smell great. There’s a richness to these candles that others seem to lack: a deep, lingering depth and warmth that cheaper candles don’t offer. Here’s a gentle, mahogany flavor that feels reminiscent of much nicer homes that can make yours nice and elevated.

As it happens, it looks awesome too. This is adulthood in a cannister; the recognizable glasswork makes it a great addition to any table, and the dappled effect from the candle’s light only enhances the overall effect.

Plus, there’s the brand-name value of a scent other than “french laundry” or “vanilla pants.” Baltic Amber brings you up a social strata, with a long-lasting candle that leaves behind a gorgeous shell.

Illustration for article titled Baltic Amber Candles: Burn One For Your Homies (Or Home)
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

But I know you. You’re probably not going to get this for yourself, and that’s okay.

The genius is that this doesn’t have to be for you at all: the Baltic Amber candle is the perfect second-place gift.


Sure, there are more thoughtful, more personal gifts you can get. You could get something big, expensive, or personal. But if you don’t know what to get for someone––for a holiday or birthday or aunt or housewarming––this is your goldilocks gift.

This is the Plan-B present that will save your bacon. Getting someone a really great candle fits most people on your list and most occasions. The stress you’ll save by having a go-to gift when all-else fails is priceless.

So, get this candle. For you, for family, for friends––or even for yourself.

Hey, it’s 2020: Be your own ex.

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