Timbuk2 Went On a Tyvek Diet

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Taking inspiration from those camping hammocks you’ve seen in every tree of every public park the last few summers, Timbuk2’s latest bags shed all unnecessary weight by adopting parachute material.

The Parachute collection includes a crossbody, a sling, and a full-sized backpack, all primarily constructed from lightweight and water-resistant tyvek. The Launch Pack backpack they sent me to try is only 1.3 pounds, which is very light, but not quite as light as it looks, owing mostly to the padding behind the shoulder straps that provides a bare minimum of structure and comfort. The rest of the pack is as thin and light as you’d expect, but still includes plenty of pockets, a drawstring top, and enough space for a 13" laptop. I probably wouldn’t take it on a multi-day hike, but it seems ideal for commuting or travel.

Without the Launch Pack’s padding, the Mission Sling and Zip Kit weigh in at just .7 and .3 pounds, respectively, though they’re obviously smaller bags. The sling would work as an everyday carry if you aren’t toting a laptop, while the Zip Kit is like a small, crossbody purse with enough room for a mirrorless camera.