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Spoilin' Santa: What's Inside the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar?

Photo: Tercius Bufete

You can’t use the force to figure out what’s inside your novelty Advent calendars. Luckily, you have us.

If you’re impatient like I am, then you might not be able to wait until December 1st to start opening your Advent calendar. Or maybe there’s just one toy in there that you need to have right now, but you aren’t sure where in the calendar it resides. In Spoilin’ Santa series, we’ll be popping open a bunch of the most popular calendars early, so you can more easily find your favorite little gifts.

So far, we’ve already covered the Marvel and Harry Potter calendars from Funko. But now we’ve moved onto LEGO’s ever-popular calendars, and it really became a joint effort from the whole team. I made the decision to open the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (before the Harry Potter one) and it was not my best choice. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, so I had to defer to Tercius to figure out what 90% of the pieces were. I will say, for most of the items I opened, he said “oooh” before explaining what the hell I was looking at.

Anyway! Let’s dive in.

December 1: First Order Star Destroyer

Photo: Tercius Bufete

I didn’t realize the instructions to put stuff together were on the tab of each door until after doing this one.

December 2: Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer Ship

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Bad guy ship for #2? Fun.

December 3: First Order Stormtrooper

Photo: Tercius Bufete

I knew what this guy was! But I had no idea he was a First Order dude, Tercius had to clarify.

December 4: Anti Air Rifle

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Lots of guns in this calendar.

December 5: Poe’s X Wing

Photo: Tercius Bufete

This one is longer than it looks in the photo. We had to break it into two pieces to get it back in the calendar.

December 6: Resistance Transport

Photo: Tercius Bufete

We were honestly on the fence about this one, if anyone thinks we’re wrong, I promise I won’t tell you to “suck an egg” if you correct me in the comments.

December 7: Chewbacca (Eating a Porg??)

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Another character I know!

December 8: Ahch-To Island

Photo: Tercius Bufete

This was the first (of several) days I opened that made it obvious some things wouldn’t really make sense to play with on their own.

December 9: Luke Skywalker

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Tercius thinks Luke looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter. I really liked his giant fish.

December 10: Jakku Shuttle

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Out of all the things in this list, this was somehow one of the harder ones to put together.

December 11: Death Star Turret

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Same sentiment as #8.

December 12: Death Star Gunner

Photo: Tercius Bufete

He actually has a whole head and face under that helmet.

December 13: Star Destroyer Repair Droid

Photo: Tercius Bufete

I asked Tercius if this was a dog. It’s a droid. I stopped guessing after opening this.

December 14: Trader Federation Tank

Photo: Tercius Bufete

It looks like a snail.

December 15: Trade Federation Droid

Photo: Tercius Bufete

This comes with two sets of arms, in case you need slightly bent or fully straight arms?

December 16: Trade Federation Troop Transport

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Merry Christmas?

December 17: Rocket

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Putting the four cylinders on this is a pain in the ass.

December 18: Rebel

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Looks kind of happy for a rebel?

December 19: Mynock

Photo: Tercius Bufete

I had to outsource the question of WTF this is to my brother-in-law. He knew right away, so, kudos to him!

December 20: Hoth Echo Base

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Tercius had to consult with our beloved Kinja Deals researcher, Corey Foster, on this one. Some deep cuts here.

December 21: Cloud City Car

Photo: Tercius Bufete

I didn’t realize how many planes or ships or whatever were in Star Wars until I opened this entire set.

December 22: Cloud Car Pilot

Photo: Tercius Bufete

I love when two things that go together are opened back-t0-back.

December 23: Robot Present

Photo: Tercius Bufete

Is this canon? A reader says this is a Gonk Droid. Do they all look like Christmas presents?

And, on the 24th day of Christmas, you get... a LUMP OF COAL, for looking early!

Just kidding.

December 24: Santa Porg

Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

I find this very cute, not sure what Star Wars fans will think on the 24th day of opening, though.

I would not advise opening all 24 days at once. It is very tiring putting all the tiny LEGO pieces together. Though, some days, you will open items and probably feel like “that’s it?” But, I imagine that’s how you’ll feel with any Advent calendar that isn’t purely chocolate. We liked that Luke Skywalker came with two faces. Tercius said that Chewbacca is eating a Porg, but Chelsea and I respectfully refused to believe that.

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