See What All the Vegan Fuss Is About and Grab a Free Product When You Buy Two From Pacifica

If you’re curious about this all-natural cosmetics company, today is the day to remedy that.

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Pacifica Skincare BOGO 40% Off | Ulta

I received a discovery kit of items from Pacifica Skincare last year, and oh my, they quickly worked their way to the front of my skincare list. If you’re unfamiliar or curious about the all-natural cosmetics company, today is the day to remedy that. Ulta is running a buy one, get one 40% off sale right now.

Besides the gorgeous packing, everything Pacifica makes is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. One of my top products currently is the Clean Shot Niacinamide, Zinc & Hemp Complex serum. If you suffer from an oily complexion or T-zone, this is a wonder. This has been a dream when my forehead gets a little fussy and very shiny. There is also lemongrass in it, so there is a very slight smell of that, but it absolutely puts your skin back in balance. Just use a few drops in the morning or night before your usual routine. You’ll see the difference pretty quickly.

I’ve actually been using the Rose Kombucha Flower Powered Face Wash as my main makeup remover. First off, it smells amazing. It foams up and really deep cleans my skin without leaving it super dry. It works perfectly with all complexion types. Your face will be feeling fresh and ready for serums or creams instantly.

As a curly girl finding the right spray to keep the tresses quenched and control frizz is tough. I’ve been using the Pineapple Curls Refresher Mist since they released it and it’s been in the rotation since. The linseed oil help to trap moisture so you won’t look fried, vitamin B5 restores shines, pineapple protects against free radicals, and hyaluronic acid makes everything full and bouncy. This is a summer must.